About Mehtap
About Mehtap

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About Mehtap

Mehtap Hakkında

Mehtap join the kitchen utensils business in the 1960’s with aluminum coating and produced its first Teflon coated products in 1974.

Mehtap, which focused especially on Teflon based production from 1996 onwards, became one of the world’s leading facilities together with the building, technologies, machines and equipment it acquired from 2005 onwards.

Mehtap, gives importance to design and R&D work and is one of the companies that Works together with DuPont® to develop Teflon products. Mehtap, which is the first licensed user of DuPont® Teflon, also continues production of steel products and enameling.

We continue with determination in the electronic household appliances sector, which we laid the foundations for in 2007.

Mehtap, which applies the “Basic Performance Tests” required by the European Union for DuPont® Teflon coating quality on its own products, continues to stride with confident steps as one of the leading companies in the sector.

We ensure the distribution of our products via 7 different regional headships located in various centers around the country and we export our products to a total of 42 countries, carrying out a large amount of sales in Europe, America, Central Asia and the Middle East.

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